November 30, 2016


AT&T’s deal and its effects net neutrality

AT&T has just announced their brand new streaming service, “Direct Now,” and this deal demonstrates how ISPs view their customers’ ability to analyze the benefits of a network usage deal. With this streaming service, customers will have access to various deals that range from $35 to $70 per month. Due to AT&T’s recent acquisition of […]

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MacOS Sierra Suitable for Business Power Users?

The release of a new MacBook Pro this year and the rumored release of an updated iMac rolling out in late December or early January have many business users wonder: is the Macintosh operating system, exorbitant price tag aside, a viable option for business power users?   Well, let’s take a look at some differences between […]

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Office Depot Caught Charging Customers to Tune Up Healthy Computers

Office Depot, a multi-billion dollar office supply company headquartered in Florida, has come under fire recently after being caught out multiple times charging customers to repair brand-new computers. According to CBS-affiliate KIRO-TV, the office giant repeatedly charged customers roughly $180 each to remove supposed “malware” from computers that were not only brand new but, in […]

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New Tools for Businesses in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft is rolling out a new set of tools for businesses providing customer service. Called “Outlook Customer Manager”, the lighweight app allows businesses to track and organize emails, calendar events, meetings, deadlines, and more pertaining to individual clients.   When enabled, this Outlook feature will automatically categorize items in your business Outlook into a timeline […]

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Buildings the Next Tech Revolution?

Digitization has been a key concept in business for the past two decades, referring to the process of moving existing business, marketing, and development strategies to digital media—and eventually the cloud. But now, strides in the technology behind 3D printing have introduced a new area for businesses to digitize: construction. The School of Civil and […]

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Best in Fall Tech

As in any other year in the consumer tech industry, the biggest brands in desktop, laptop, and mobile hardware are rolling out their fall lineup. Black Friday and Christmas are right around the corner, and it’s time for them to lock in their most innovative products.   Here are five new gadgets that will shape […]

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