January 30, 2017


Some of the Best Collaboration Tools in Tech

Business isn’t like a Clint Eastwood movie, and nobody ever made it to the top without a little help from someone else. Collaboration is the bread and meat of a company, and over the past few years, some incredible tools have appeared for business users to use in communicating and sharing data more effectively.   […]

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Nintendo Switch Ready to Launch

Nintendo is releasing the new system on March 3, 2017   Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition in late 2016 and it was a hit for the holidays, and this Nintendo Switch system seems to be on the same path. The Switch platform is suppose dot be handheld gaming and on screen play as well. […]

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Tesla to Offer Fully Self Driving Within the Next 6 Months

Tesla’s Elon Musk vows to have fully autonomous cars within 6 months.   Elon Musk makes bold claims all the time, last night on twitter a user asked him when Tesla will launch fully self driving cars. His answer “3 months maybe, 6 months definitely,” this means that you will not have to dread driving […]

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Despite a Fiery Past, Samsung Galaxy Note Struggles On

Yesterday, press from tech giant Samsung offered a final determination regarding last year’s battery explosions in Galaxy Note 7 devices. The problem, Samsung says, stemmed from a flaw in the upper right hand corner of Note 7 batteries which would cause the device to short circuit and potentially explode. This, combined with welding defects, resulted […]

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Semi-automated, food-delivering robots

Semi-Automated, Food-Delivering Robots Being Tested As previously mentioned, many companies are making great strides to develop an automated delivering system. While companies, like Amazon, plan to use an automated drone, Starship Technologies has announced a trial period for their semi-automated robot through a partnership with DoorDash and Postmates. This trial will occur in Redwood City, […]

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Great Ways to Repurpose Old Hardware

One of the great curses of technology is the speed at which it advances. Gordon Moore, Intel co-founder, predicted back in 1965 that the number of transistors per square inch would double every year, and computing power would exponentially grow. So far, his prediction hasn’t been too far wrong, leaving countless technology users with graveyards […]

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France Postal Service to Launch Drone Delivery

Drone delivery is taking over!   A ton of companies want to start drone delivery to make shipments quicker and efficient for customers. Amazon specifically was one of the major players in pushing drone delivery to the mainstream market. A lot of venture capitalists are also hopping on the bandwagon and investing in drone delivery […]

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Elon Musk looking to Launch Global Internet

Elon Musk files for approval to launch 4,425 satellites into space, which Elon Musk is always pushing the boundaries with his ambition to innovate. Every year his goals change for the betterment of society. You might know him from a company called Tesla. What you may not know is that he also runs a private […]

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A Browser’s Auto-fill Can Be Used Against You

Auto-Fill A major convenient feature of browsers, like Chrome and Opera, is the auto-fill feature. This feature allows basic form information to be saved and inputted again in future forms. Many users are constantly assisted by this feature when filling out a multitude of different websites. It cuts down the time a user takes filling […]

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