April 21, 2017


Shopify Develops a Clever New Credit Card Reader

Shopify, the retail software supplier, is making the jump to hardware sometime in the coming months and is scheduled to release a “Chip and Swipe” card reader this June.   The nifty commerce device conveniently supports both chip and swipe credit/debit card transactions in the same slot, allowing cards to be swiped one way or […]

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Google to “Fact-check” Search Results

The past few weeks have generated a firestorm of news regarding the control and ownership of information, whether US Congressional vote to allow ISPs to sell browser data or most recently, Google’s plans to filter and flag search results based on perceived fact checking.   It’s not a new idea: Facebook rolled out changes to […]

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The Upward Struggle for Self-Driving Cars

Fully autonomous driving has been around for quite some time, and frequently pops up in the news as a curiosity item, with Mercedes-Benz and Bosch most recently teaming up to develop a system of their own. But the production of these vehicles has actually been around for quite some time, with early prototypes built back […]

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