July 18, 2017


Microsoft Cuts Windows 10 Support Early For Some Devices

Windows 10 Support Is Getting Cut A Little Early For These Devices When Windows 10 came out, the usual affair for a new Microsoft OS was had. There were the doomsayers and the conspiracy theorists and there were those that supported the release. This kind of thing happens every time and for understandable reasons. Let’s […]

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The Great Migration To Solid State Drives

Standard Hard Drives Are Going The Way Of The Dodo Every decade or so, a huge advancement is made in the world of technology. This advancement usually triggers a mudslide effect and allows for a whole bunch of new tech to come out. The first huge transition in my memory was the move from the […]

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Three Helpful Gadgets For The Summer

Make Sure You Carry These Helpful Gadgets Wherever You Go! You’re probably spending a lot more time outside now that summer is in full effect. Whether it’s beach trips or a summer night fire, you might find yourself outside a lot more frequently. In that time, how often have you ran out of battery? What […]

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