November 14, 2017


Top 5 Chrome Extensions: Get The Most Out Of Your Browser

Install These Chrome Extensions For A Better Browsing Experience Here at Cloud Atlas Technologies, we always recommend Google Chrome as the browser of choice. Chrome is fast, secure, and most importantly, has a webstore of extremely useful extensions. Below, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Chrome extensions. To get all these extensions and more, […]

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Artificial Intelligence: What The Future Holds

Artificial Intelligence Is Getting More Competent Most people think of Skynet or HAL 9000 when they hear “artificial intelligence”, and I mean, can you blame them? Since the dawn of the personal computer, Hollywood has always alluded to some Dystopia caused by wayward AI. The truth is AI is a lot more boring than the […]

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Tips For Outlook: Setup Vacation Email

Don’t Overlook This Useful Outlook Feature Time and time again, email has proven that it’s here to stay. Ever since its introduction, it has enabled us to communicate and share with people across the world in an instant. Because of its success as a communication platform, there have been many innovations done to email clients […]

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