Apple World Wide Developer Conference Streams Today

Apple WWDC17

Apple Hopes to Wow at its annual World Wide Developer Conference

The Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC for short) is streaming today at 1PM and let’s just say they’ve gotta impress. The tech giant’s new iPhone didn’t perform as expected, but, as we’re all aware, Apple has a knack for innovation.

What Can We Expect?

With Amazon Alexa and Google Home getting a lot of attention as of late, Apple is starting to fall behind. It seems like a no-brainer for Apple to introduce something like a ‘Siri-Speaker’ like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. We know that Apple loves to have a comprehensive Eco-System and an Assistant-Speaker like device might be the glue that ties it all together. The good news is that Apple already has a lot of progress in AI with the likes of Siri. As far as things we can expect, I’d say this is the biggest one.

What I’m Hoping to See

The Macbooks, specifically the Air, need spec upgrades. Although chances of the Air actually receiving those upgrades are pretty much zero. Still, the pro and the regular flavors could really use new processors and displays. The rest of the tech world has finally caught up to Apple in that regard. Similarly, the Mac Pro hasn’t been updated in over three years. That’s ancient in the industry. And we haven’t even touched on the iMacs yet. Apple definitely looks like it’s putting more focus into its mobile and media consumption devices, but there is still a huge following for Apple workstations, especially in movie and music production.

What about software?

While seeing the new iPhone at this event still seems up in the air, we can definitely expect a glimpse into the new iOS 11. With a rumored file manager, we hope that Apple will relinquish some control of the device back to the user. Of course with an iOS update, we can certainly expect updates to tvOS, watchOS, and macOS.

Apple is in a weird spot at the moment, but if we know anything, it’s that Apple has always impressed. Innovation is the name of the game, and with how quiet Apple’s been as of late, I can’t help but feel like they’ve got something huge up their sleeve. Whatever they announce, we’ll be sure to cover, so stay tuned!