Business Computing In The 21st Century

What You Need to Know About Business Computing in the 21st Century

Computers in the workplace have become essential. Everywhere you go from salons, to fast food places, to mechanics and even gas stations rely on computers on a daily basis. Computers are here to stay, so it’s important that you know what you need to keep everything running smoothly.

Network security should be your priority

First and foremost, every business, big or small should focus on maintaining a secure network. But what does that exactly mean? As we’ve discussed before nobody is immune to a data breach. While you might think that hackers focus on bigger companies, that is far from the truth. In fact, Equifax’s breach is even more surprising because it is such a big entity. Small businesses typically have fewer resources to contribute towards network security so they are the more likely targets. If you recall the Wannacrypt virus held many business’s important data held ransom. Many of the computers that were infected were running older software or were not up to date on their updates and almost all of the computers infected were not running a competent virus protection software.

Network security is a vast field with many intricacies so it is important to make sure that you do your research or consider a Managed Service Provider for your Security needs.

Backup everything!

Backups are important: we can’t stress this enough. Having backups of your computers and your data is like an insurance card. If you do end up getting a Crypto-virus, backups allow you to circumvent the headaches and reload your computers exactly to how they were before the virus attack. Most importantly, the backups typically have a single day turnaround time. This can save your business invaluable time and have you back up and running instantly. Backups are also important for hardware failures, robberies, and disaster scenarios. They are essentially a get out of jail free card.

Stay current with technology

Aside from the obvious security risks associated with older hardware and software, newer tech increases productivity immensely. Newer computers come with faster processors, hard drives, and a more robust set of features. Similarly, today’s displays offer higher resolution giving you more screen real estate to get your work done. Check back with us next week for tech tips to increase your productivity.