It’s Do or Die for Cable TV

cord cutting

Can Cable TV Make A Comeback?

How many of you still pay for cable TV? That number is probably decreasing as we speak. Recent studies show that payed TV providers could be hemorrhaging close to one million subscribers a years. With all the streaming services available nowadays, one has to wonder “why pay for cable TV anymore?”

The truth is, there really isn’t a reason to pay for TV aside from sports and news. Even TV providers are starting to realize this. Companies like Dish Network have launched Sling TV. DirecTV also followed suit with DirecTV Now with marginal success. So, why are people cutting the cord?

The Obvious Answer: Money

Well, for starters, value. TV providers refuse to lower their pricing on subscriptions. With a Netflix subscription costing as little $7.99, subscribing to TV just seems like a waste. In fact, a new report conducted by TiVO found that nearly 80% of cord-cutters did so because of the price. Even Sling TV and DirecTV pricing is at least double that of Netflix and Hulu.

Unrivaled Availability

Another major issue is availability. This, to me, seems like the biggest hurdle cable and satellite companies face. With the introduction of the internet, content accessibility has become instant. While most providers now offer on-demand services, they are not the focus. Companies like Hulu and Netflix offer almost all the shows on TV while also creating their own series. I’m sure by now, you’ve heard of shows like Stranger Things and DareDevil. As streaming services’ content become mainstay in American homes, many TV shows are starting to fall by the wayside.

Annoying Ads: Nobody Likes them

Last but not least, Ads. NOBODY likes ads. How many times where you watching a really intense episode of Breaking Bad only to be interrupted during the most important part by advertisements? Internet streaming services offer ad-free subscriptions so you can binge watch your favorite shows without interruptions.

The truth is, right now there is no value in Cable TV. Although it’s nice to just turn on the TV and flip through the channels, to most Americans that alone is not worth the price of subscription. Cable and Satellite companies need to innovate in order to stay competitive. There are many options they could explore, such providing the option to choose what channels to subscribe to, however they need to start making headway because streaming services are on a roll.