Everything You Need To Know From The Apple WWDC 2017

The Apple WWDC 2017 Announcements Provide Some Much Needed Updates

Earlier this week, I listed a couple of things I’d like to see from Apple this WWDC. Well, Apple definitely delivered, and even threw in one or two things completely out of left field.

The first thing I was really happy to see is their focus on hardware. Earlier I talked about their need to update the hardware on their aging computer and laptop lineup. They definitely delivered.

Firstly, the Macbook and Macbook Pro lineup are receiving the latest Intel processors, SSD options, and a higher cap on the RAM. Even the Macbook Air which was speculated to be discontinued is getting a processor refresh.

The iMac’s Steal The show

imac pro

Of all the hardware updates announced, the new iMac’s peaked our interest. All the iMacs are receiving processor updates, faster SSD options, and Fusion Drives are now standard. Additionally, a new entry level 4k iMac with a 21.5-inch screen is now available. Furthermore, the iMacs are getting new AMD Vega graphics chips which are expected to be very fast. But the star of the show was, without a doubt, the iMac Pro.

With options for up to an 18-core Xeon processor and a high end vega graphics card, this behemoth sounds like a creator’s dream. The 5k 27-inch Retina display will please the staunchest video editors and the lightning fast SSD option will make anybody’s workflow that much smoother. This iMac will most likely replace the Mac Pro.

Also announced are two new models of the iPad Pro. The usual spec-bump was there, but what really caught my eye was the 120Hz refresh rate on the tablets. Using the tablets now should feel incredibly smooth. The higher refresh rate is also much better for the eyes. Definitely something to pay attention to.

Apple’s New HomePod


Silly names aside, Apple announced a smart-speaker as expected. Much like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, the HomePod is a speaker with a smart assistant. Apple is really emphasizing sound quality here. Touting seven tweeters and an upward-facing woofer, this speaker admittedly looks like it packs a punch.

iOS 11 Is Coming Soon

ipad multi tasking

Even though this seems like the most hardware focused software conference, we did get a bunch of news regarding iOS 11. You can now pay friends directly in iMessage through Apple Pay: awesome. Another really cool addition is the new Control center. Although it looks a little clustered, it definitely offers a lot more than what we previously had. However, I think the biggest update is on the iPad. Apple completely redesigned the dock and added a host of multitasking features. The iPad is finally starting to look like a true workstation replacement.

This WWDC was packed with information. These were the things that interested me the most, but there’s a lot more announcements I didn’t go over. Check out the Keynote for more information.