Increase Your Online Security For Your NYR

Your Online Security Should Be Top Priority in 2018

2017 was one crazy year in tech. Among the stories that stole headlines, was Equifax’s ridiculous data breach. Even though it was one of the biggest scandals of our time, it could have been completely preventable.

Improve Your Passwords

Whether you’re the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world, or you just want to secure your finances, it is crucial that you protect yourself online. One of the reasons the Equifax breach happened was the simplicity of the password used for the database. When it comes to passwords, length is the most important factor. Make sure that all your passwords are at least 12 characters and ideally 16 or more. More importantly, make sure it’s something hard to guess and not on the list of most used passwords.

Make Sure Your Backups Are Encrypted

We can’t stress enough the importance of backups. Having backups ensure that you keep your data through any disaster or compromise. However, backups that aren’t password protected can put you at risk. If someone managed to get a hold of your unprotected backup, they can use it to steal your information. Make sure that all your backups are secure for peace of mind.

Do Your Research

From my experience, most people get viruses because they unknowingly downloaded and ran an unknown app. Don’t download email attachments from unknown sources. Before running anything on your computer, read everything and make sure it is from a trusted source. A few minutes can save you days of headaches.

While making a resolution to say more secure online in 2018 doesn’t sound all that exciting, it’s necessary as we continue to rely more on the internet. If you have any sensitive information or assets on your computer, it is absolutely imperative that you do all you can to protect yourself.