Ransomware – What You Need To Know

Ransomware: The newest kind of virus

Viruses on computers come in a lot of different types. Trojans disguise themselves as programs and mine your computer for data. Adware spams your computer with advertisements. There are even viruses that will use your computer’s resources in a botnet, or a collection of computers used for nefarious purposes. However, one of the newest and most dangerous viruses to come out is Ransomware. this kind of virus will encrypt your computer and ask for a ransom to get your data back. Usually, it will ask for a payment in Bitcoin which is harder to trace back to the source. Other times it will ask for a credit card which could compromise your personal info. The worst part about Ransomware is that there is no guarantee that you will ever get your data back.

So what can you do to combat Crypto-Viruses?

Backups, backups, backups! The best way to combat any virus is to have regular backups. We here at Cloud Atlas Technologies always recommend at least 3 backup locations of your data, with at least 1 being off-site. Not only is this smart for disaster scenarios such as fires, floods, and break-ins, but backups also ensures that you can recover from any virus.

Another very important aspect of security is having an up to date computer. Don’t skip your updates! Operating System updates fix loopholes and backdoors that are discovered throughout the month. Similarly, make sure that your anti-virus stays up to date as well. If updates take forever for you, you are not alone. However, if your computer was made within the last five or so years, chances are you can just upgrade to an SSD and those updates will zoom through.

In this day and age, technology is crucial to any business. That is why it’s of utmost importance to stay safe and secure on the web.