You’re Not Crazy, Your iPhone Slowing Down

Apple Caught Slowing Down Old iPhones

If you’ve ever had the thought “Why the heck is my iPhone so slow now, it used to be much faster” you are not alone. A user by the name of “TeckFire” on Reddit recently discovered that apple is throttling iPhones with old batteries. He used Geekbench, a program commonly used to test performance, to test the phone before and after replacing his iPhone battery. Needless to say, this has since sparked outrage on the internet. Apple has since responded to the accusations and their excuse seems reasonable.

According to Apple, Lithium Ion batteries, the same kind in your phones, degrade over time. In fact, every battery has a certain number of recharges before it completely dies. As batteries degrade, they deliver less power and eventually can’t keep up with the power demands of the phone. Apple stated that phones end up crashing and turning off randomly so their solution was to slow down the processor to demand less power. Sure enough, once the battery is replaced, a $79 expense, the phone speeds up back to normal.

This issue doesn’t only affect iPhones. Theoretically, every device with a lithium Ion battery can experience this issue. However, many criticize Apple for not being more transparent. A common request is to make this optional rather than mandatory. Because of the blowout from the Reddit post, Apple has been hit with multiple class action lawsuits. People who filed the lawsuit claim that because Apple was not transparent with the decision, it “tricked” users into buying new iPhones.

If this has taught us anything, it’s that companies should be more transparent when it comes to things like this. Whatever reason Apple did this for, Apple should have notified customers and made the fix optional.