iPhone 8 to be the Most Expensive Smartphone Ever

In September 2016, Apple fans were disappointed to see that iPhone prices had skyrocketed from the relatively cheap iPhone SE to the upwards of $770 iPhone 7 Plus (which could be upgraded to a $970 version). But rumors abounded that Apple was holding back with the iPhone 7 and 7+, waiting for 2017 to release the tenth anniversary iPhone 8—or, as we are lead to believe, the iPhone X.


Well, fast forward to this week, and new information suggests that those rumors were correct. Apple, who has been dropping hints about the next iPhone release, is likely to trash the oversized home button and add an OLED screen to the phone that reaches out to the edges of the flat screen without a bevel. These, in addition to other undisclosed features, are likely to drive the iPhone 8/X price upwards of $1000, making it the most expensive mainstream smartphone ever.


It remains to be seen how users will respond to this. While it is true that the OLED edge-to-edge touch screen display will drive up manufacturing costs, it still seems like Apple is driving away its cash-strapped market. The move to make Apple devices less accessible to lower-income users seems unfair considering how hard it is to port proprietary settings, music, and data from a iPhone to a more cost-effective Android device. No matter what, it is likely that the already falling Apple sales will take another dip this year as prices skyrocket.


The best outcome for Apple and its users would be to pull off a dual release like they did in early 2016, when they dropped the smaller, cheaper iPhone SE to sell alongside the more expensive iPhone 6 and 6+.


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