|Network Management

Network downtime affects businesses of all sizes. You do not need to be in the technological industry to have a strong dependency on technology. Everyone can agree that network downtime costs businesses money, however, IT outages can also cause substantial damage to a company’s’ reputations, staff morale, and customer loyalty. Cloud Atlas proactive network management support service is designed to help small and medium businesses to have the support of a full IT department without the cost. With Cloud Atlas proactive network management, you get a team of experienced consultants that can handle anything from simple user requests to work-stopping emergencies. Stop wasting time on IT outages; let Cloud Atlas take care of your IT needs, so you can focus on growing your business.


✓ Web Filter
Monitor and enforce network usage policies.

✓ Fire Wall
Decide which systems and services are available privately and publically.

✓ Spam Blocker
Spam gets filtered and blocked right at the gateway.

✓ Ad Blocker
Wipe out ads, decreasing traffic and load times.

✓ Virus Blocker
Protect desktops by stopping virus outbreaks.

✓ Protocol Control
Monitor and enforce usage of unproductive applications.

✓ Intrusion Prevention
Protect servers and desktops by blocking hacking attempts.

✓ Reports
Receive reports that inform of network usage and traffic patterns.

✓ OpenVPN
Provide secure and remote access to specified users and sites in the internal network.

✓ Captive Portal
Block internet access until necessary processes complete.

✓ Phish Blocker
Protect against fraudulent, phishing emails and websites.

✓ Web Cache
Store repeatedly accessed items.

✓ Policy Manager
Create network policies based on username, time or day.